Radio-frequency identification (RFID) will spur innovation and new applications across each industry sector, as the number of tags surges from millions to billions over the next few years.

While not in wide commercial use yet, RFID tags will solve a difficult problem with the acquisition and integration of data in the supply chain — particularly with product recalls, repairs, replacement parts and direct retail customer returns. Intellareturn synchronizes return data with warranty terms and integrates with leading couriers to provide new automated reverse-logistics solutions.

Creating new business models, applications and advantages for each industry
In much the same way that the cell phone has shifted the market from voice-only to a range of messaging, data and transaction services, RFID is converging with Electronic Product Code (EPC) and barcode technology to unlock new applications that go beyond mere identification.

Clearly identifying goods using RFID tags simplifies exchange, return and repair procedures — and customers don't even need a receipt. Purchase history for every item can be tracked — enabling claims submitted under warranty to be automatically verified and processed — contributing added value to your customer relationships. Courier services like UPS, FedEx, DHL and the U.S. Postal Service can check warranty status automatically just by reading an RFID sticker affixed to an item or package. The Intellareturn RadioTag(sm) system checks the status through an associated web server and addresses the shipment accordingly.

Focusing on Customer Interaction Management (CIM)
RFID technology can transform the way products are returned, warranted and serviced utilizing existing courier shipping networks to:

  • Improve the Return Experience: On average, 20 percent of items sold generally make their way back into the supply chain. Whether for repair, return or recall, these returns impact an organization's marketing, finance and customer service processes and budgets. More importantly, they affect repeat customer behavior and loyalty. With Intellareturn applications, warranty services and post-sale support are transformed from inconvenient and complex processes into a competitive advantage.

  • Enhance Applications: RadioTag provides tracking services associated with the retrieval of encoded products (i.e. pharmaceuticals, field repair parts, Department of Defense, and food and product expiration tracking) and ownership verification.

  • Bring RFID Benefits to Consumers: Delivering product information using ePC or RFID applications is an opportunity for retailers and manufacturers to extend the technology beyond supply chains and into customer service, merchandising and marketing brand management (i.e. one-touch warranty registration at stores, point-of-purchase loyalty programs or credit card customer enhancements like the American Express efforts).
From logistics and technology providers to the United States Government (Department of Defense), airlines and travel-related organizations, electronics manufacturers and consumer goods, retail and e-tail players, Intellareturn is ready to both provide and enhance intelligence at the point of return.