In the United States alone, more than 68% of homes own a pet.*
When a pet is lost, time is of the essence — especially if the lost animal is not wearing an identification tag. If lost, the heartbreak for owners can be devastating. Elliot Klein, founder and CEO of Intellareturn, was inspired to invent a new product when his beloved Beagle Sammy escaped though an open door. By combining the latest in Internet technology with radio-frequency identification ("RFID"), he developed the most sophisticated pet tag ever created to prevent others from losing their pets forever.

Last year, over 8 million pets were lost and less than 20 percent were returned home.*
We've all seen those faded "lost pet" signs on trees. Tragically, millions of pets never make it back home. Most are adopted or destroyed when their owners cannot be found. Now, the ReturnMe(tm) PetTag combines three pet tracking solutions in one innovative product:

  • a visible collar identification tagReturnMe PetTag protects your beloved pets
  • RFID-based microchip technology
  • an Internet-based owner identification system.

Simply attach the Pet Recovery tag and activate your emergency contact information by logging into the Internet-based system. The microchip inside can be read using a nationwide network of special electronic readers already found at pounds, animal shelters and pet hospitals. A toll free number along with your pet's ID number is also printed on each tag, enabling identification by police, neighbors and Good Samaritans — even without the use of an electronic reader.

For the first time, owners can instantly microchip their pets — without the need to visit a vet or shelter and have a chip surgically implanted, often costing two or three times more than ReturnMe PetTag. What do others think? Read how Intellareturn received the InventNow Innovation Award, sponsored by QVC, Popular Mechanics and the U.S. Patent Office. ABC's Good Morning America also featured the Intellareturn RadioTag(sm) service behind ReturnMe PetTag as one of America's BEST new inventions.

ReturnMe PetTag is a subsidiary of Intellareturn Corporation, illustrating another innovation for bringing the benefits of RFID technology from the supply chain to mainstream society. ReturnMe PetTag is another example of how Intellareturn provides intelligence at the point of return.

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